To My Dad: Thanks

This will be my turn to brag a little about my dad.  He is the most talented musician I have ever met.  However, I have watched him sacrifice personal acclaim for the service of Jesus.  This past Sunday night he taught from Psalm 118 at his church.  If you are familiar with SBC churches you might understand how rare it is to find a “Music Minister” who is genuinely qualified and gifted to be a pastor.

When I was in high school I was tired of “church.”  I was sick of people who called themselves Christians and demonstrated the opposite in their living.  It was only the consistent example of my parents at home and in public that reassured me that Christianity was for more than just “show.”  My dad has always modeled a servant’s heart, a scholar’s mind, and genuine commitment to the Lordship of Christ in all things.

The Bible is clear that the home is an essential component in the discipleship of children.  I once heard a youth pastor say about the role of the church, “we can’t fix in four hours what you screw up in seven days.”  Maybe not the most sensitive statement, but definitely true.  Parents provide the framework for Christianity and the way they live and parent will either affirm or deny the legitimacy of the gospel in the life of their children.

6 thoughts on “To My Dad: Thanks”

  1. You have been blessed, Mark, with TWO Godly parents! I am positive your mother has prayed over you EVERY single day of your life. Both of your parents are Godly folks with a servant’s heart. Thank you for having the maturity to recognize it as a blessing in your life.

  2. You couldn’t be more spot on about your dad – I’d never heard or considered Psalm 118:24 in context until your dad preached this past Sunday. Of course, I’ve known your dad was brilliant for the better part of 23 years – next to Mrs. Windon and my folks, I’ve known no better friend. Thanks for reminding me Mark.

  3. Mark, your dad has had a lasting impression in my life as well. I remember in the 80’s your dad was always their for me, in fact he was my road racing partner. We serve a truly Awesome God, a God who knew I needed a God fearing man in my life, while my dad was at sea. I have not seen your family for 19 years, yet I still think of your mom and dad often.

  4. What a blessing to see the results of Godly Christian parenting in you Mark. I was your K-3 Preschool teacher and worked with your Mom in Mission Friends while you were in Preschool. Your family holds a special place in my family’s hearts. Your Mom and Dad walk the talk and God has worked through them to touch many lives.

  5. Your Dad was an enormous blessing in my life as well. He was so practical in his love for Jesus, and was able to pass that on to everyone around him. So glad to see him looking so well. I think of him and your whole family often!

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