Beware: The Gospel Will Ruin Your Life

David Platt recently spoke at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.  Beware, if you listen to this message you will likely experience the “holy destruction” that the Spirit of God can bring.  Be prepared for conviction.

Platt presents a clear and compelling message of “What the Gospel Does to Our Hearts.”  The truth of the matter, the gospel, when rightly understood, will ruin your worldly way of life.

Are you ready to have your life ruined?

Here are a few memorable quotes.  Please watch or listen to the entire thing.

Until the gospel invades our hearts, any efforts to help the poor will be shallow and short-lived; but when the gospel of a Savior who became poor that we might become rich radically invades our hearts, it will radically affect the way we live for the sake of His glory amidst urgent spiritual and physical needs around the world.

The gospel demands radical sacrifice.

Hate your mom and dad, wife and kids; pick up an instrument of torture and give up everything you have.  That’s a lot different than admit, believe, confess, and pray a prayer.

Could it be that somewhere along the way we have taken the gospel, the very lifeblood of Christianity out, and put Kool-Aid in its place.  What it means to follow Jesus is to give up everything you’ve got.

Jesus is not a good teacher to be respected; He is a sovereign Lord to be obeyed.

‘That Jesus did not command all His followers to sell all their possessions gives comfort only to the kind of people to whom He would issue that command.’

If we take Jesus and twist Him into our image, then even when we gather together in our churches and lift our hands to sing songs to Jesus… we are not worshiping the Jesus of the Bible — we are worshiping ourselves.

The gospel, not guilt, is motivation for giving to those who are in need.

‘God always gives what He commands.’

We have found someone worth losing everything for… Do we believe [Christ] is worth it.

Materialism is not just wrong — it’s dumb.

The cost of discipleship is great… but the cost of non-discipleship is far, far greater.  It will cost us to give our resources, money, possessions, and lives in this world.  But what if we don’t?  The cost will be great for a billion plus people who will go on without  knowledge of the gospel while we spend our millions on our buildings, and our programs, and our stuff.  The cost will be great for our brothers and sisters in the world who will continue starving while our dogs and cats eat better than them.  But the cost will not just be great for them, the cost will be great for us.  For we will miss out… in this age and the life to come.

5 thoughts on “Beware: The Gospel Will Ruin Your Life”

  1. That is exactly the point Mark Dever is making in Chapter 4 of 9 Marks, “A Biblical Understanding of Conversion”. That is SOLID and humbling!

  2. While I agree that we have watered down Christianity, I do not believe this quote is supported by scripture:

    “Hate your mom and dad, wife and kids;”

    The Bible in the OT and NT constantly reminds us to honor our mother and father. In regards to marriage, in Ephesians we are told to love our wives as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for it.

    We ARE taught to live separate from the world and not be subject to its moral compass and ideas of prosperity. Instead we are to be of God and store up riches in heaven.

    1. I believe he was referencing Jesus’ words in Luke 14:26. Platt is paraphrasing Jesus here, not making some uninformed, unbiblical statement. Clearly the Scriptures indicate that we should honor our families, but in America we often disguise a lack of obedience to Christ behind the garb of family responsibilities. Read Luke 14 for yourself, listen to Platt’s quote in the context of his sermon, and then see if you don’t agree.


      1. Unfortunately I am not where I can listen to the video. I did go back and reread Luke 14 and accept the quote as it stands within its context.

        My concern is that someone might misinterpret this one verse and the use of the verb hate. I believe the message of Luke 14 is that in order to be a follower of Christ, He must be above all else in your life.

        I apologize if my first post came across as indignant. That was not my intent. Rather as stated here, I was concerned that someone might take that single quote out of context(as I apparently did not being able to view the video).

      2. No worries. I think we all agree on this quote (when in the context of the entire message). Thanks for contributing to the conversation!

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