Walk the Dog

In true Dave Black fashion I am showing pictures of taking my dog on a walk.  These picture are not merely gratuitous as we made quite an intriguing discovery in the back of our neighborhood.

Tucked away behind the shiny, new houses near the river that runs behind our neighborhood, Freckles found a beautiful, historic family burial spot.

The sign attached to the burial spot indicates that the graves belong to the “Wright Family.”  Most of the graves date from the early 19th century.  I am aware that the developer of this suburban oasis bought and converted what was originally farmland into its current incarnation as neighborhoods.

One thought on “Walk the Dog”

  1. Cemetaries are a treasure. Mr. William J. Wright appears to have married at least 2 times and both women were named Martha. Martha A. had a daughter who died as an infant. Is there anything about his other children? The ones who erected his memorial… I guess I’m just nosey, but I love stuff like this. Give Freckles a scratch for me.
    Uncle Harold

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