Jennifer Knapp and Homosexuality… Again

I’m sure you all know how I feel about the whole Jennifer Knapp situation.  If not, read my previous post on the subject.  Unfortunately, Jennifer has let the fame monster influence her handling of this very delicate situation.  Rather than listening and learning, she is promoting her agenda on national television.  She is debating other believers about a very nuanced and sensitive subject.

I saw this clip of Jennifer Knapp on “Larry King Live.”  Everyone involved demonstrated such Biblical illiteracy that it was painful.  The pastor who represents the orthodox Christian position on homosexuality did his best to stay close to the gospel but was woefully ill-equipped to confidently and intelligently explain the text of Scripture.

We have all heard it said that “it is better to be silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt.”  Unfortunately, Jennifer Knapp decided to speak.  She tried to use a poorly constructed linguistic smokescreen to argue that homosexuality (as we know it) is not in the Bible.

It is one thing to say that “homosexuality is no worse than others sins.”  With that I agree.  It is another thing altogether to get on national television and vehemently defend my sin.  Homosexuality is no worse than adultery, but it would be ridiculous for an adulterer to get on national television and defend their actions (as with a murderer, liar, etc…)

As far as the logic involved, it is ridiculous to argue if a person is born with inclinations, tendencies, or orientations then they are allowed to act on them.  There are a number of people with homicidal tendencies, but society has said they are not allowed to act on those activities.  As Christians we can affirm that people struggle with homosexuality while agreeing that can choose not to engage in homosexual activity.

Also, why would anyone listen to Ted Haggard?  He is the worst kind of hypocrite and fraud?  Seriously?  The best person that Larry King could find was Ted Haggard?  This must be a joke.  Are there any intelligent, well-educated, articulate Bible scholars who can actually talk about this issue?  Please!!!!

As far as the theological and philological idiocy displayed during this interview.  The original text of the Bible is clear about homosexuality (e.g., 1 Cor. 6:9 and see BDAG’s discussion of μαλακοι and αρσενοκοιται).  The question is really not linguistic (per se) but, rather, hermeneutical.  Is the original text of the Bible understandable and applicable to Christians today?  Or, on the other hand, do we have more knowledge, intelligence, and understanding than the original writers (inspired by God) who decided to condemn homosexuality?

In regard to homosexuality, this is nothing new.  Same sex activity would not be in the Bible if it was not a legitimate sin struggle for many people.  While we have much more scientific information on homosexuality, the more things change the more they stay the same.  Sin is sin and God does not change.  I can either justify my sins (of which I have many) or humbly repent and cling desperately to the grace of Jesus.

6 thoughts on “Jennifer Knapp and Homosexuality… Again”

  1. Mark, don’t think I could have said any of this better myself. Just one little question…what percentage of your blog readers know what BDAG is? 🙂

  2. For those who don’t… Bauer, Danker, Arndt, and Gingrich (Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament)

  3. Mark, I think a rematch with this misguided young lady would be a good thing but with you in the pastor’s seat.

  4. They debated on this subject for 30 minutes and came out more confused and mad at eachother then they were when they started out. God’s word is the ultimate authority. God’s word says: One Man, one woman. Anything outside of that (except going solo) is a sin. Pretty cut-and-dry.

  5. hey Mark, You couldn’t be more correct ( I know you never tire of hearing that!). I would only add that God is in the nature changing business – which obliterates the proclivity, tendency, or inclination argument. I guess that it’s that game changer Grace again.

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