Cinco de Mayo is a Fake Holiday

Cinco de Mayo is an obscure holiday even in Mexico.  Unless you are a French-hating Mexican from the state of Puebla there is no reason to call today a “holiday.”

No Americans celebrate the Battle of Trenton!

You don’t have to use a fake holiday as an excuse to drink a midweek Margarita.

4 thoughts on “Cinco de Mayo is a Fake Holiday”

  1. Cinco de Mayo is a holiday celebrated originally by Mexicans. It was introduced to America by the Chicanos (Americans with Mexican heritage), who wanted a day to celebrate their Mexican heritage. To the Chicanos, its more of a national family reunion day. Mark is right to an extent, though. To the a lot of Americans, it is an excuse to go out to a mexican resteraunt and have a few margaritas.

  2. I’m with you ( except for the margarita thing)! That and Secretary day, boss’ day, and Grandparent’s day.

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