Ergun Caner Investigated

I am still withholding judgment on the internet musings (see here, here, or here – to list only a few)  regarding Ergun Caner.  However, I knew the allegations that he intentionally embellished his testimony (post 9/11) were gaining steam when Christianity Today and other “mainstream” news agencies began reporting on this story.

It appears that Liberty University is taking these allegations seriously as well and have formed an internal investigative committee to study all the facts involved.

I suspect this is such an important story because a seminary president at one of America’s leading evangelical universities is being accused of lying and manipulating Islamiphobia for the purpose of gaining celebrity and expertise.

If these allegations prove to be true it will be another example in the long line of Christian celebrity moral failures (another reason that “celebrity” is antithetical to the servant nature of Christianity).

2 thoughts on “Ergun Caner Investigated”

  1. Might I cite the “celebrity of Christ Jesus” to counter that celebrity is not in itself a bad thing. Celebrity will often draw people to hear the Word of God, to listen to a great teacher and to find the pathway to open their hearts to the working of the Holy Spirit.
    I would also like to cite a more contemporary example of one who throughout his life has remained narrowly focused and directed in all his life which is now reaching close to its earthly existence — Billy Graham. The “Pastor of a Nation” has been the subject of many attempts to draw him into various limelights that he has steadfastly rejected and remained true to the Gospel.
    Now, when we elevate anyone to a high position we are indeed doing so in error. There is only one who “is good!” We joined our past 3 churches because we believed they were where God was calling us to serve. As pastors came and went we stayed where we believed we were to serve and have always avoided the factions that have ebbed and flowed in the churches.
    Let all who would serve Christ, boast only in the Him and the cross.

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