Ergun Caner… Some Commentary

Dr. Jim West, one of the most interesting and incendiary bloggers has commented on the Liberty University saga containing Ergun Caner.  In his typically sardonic style Dr. West has pointed out that this situation is about honesty and integrity.  Unfortunately, Ergun Caner’s mistakes (allegedly) will affect not only himself but the institution at which he serves.

Also, “it’s not wise to ignore the insights of the blogosphere.”

Check out Dr. West’s commentary on this situation here and here.  If you are a Liberty student or alumni do not be offended by Dr. West’s equal opportunity cynicism.

6 thoughts on “Ergun Caner… Some Commentary”

  1. I am neither a thinker nor a theologian, but to me, this chronic liar, Ergun Caner does not belong to the pulpit right now. It is arrogance only that justifies him preaching still during all these beyond any shadow of a doubt evidences of public lies for more than 9 years. Those who keep listen to this man really have lowest standard of honesty and integrity. Yesterday I read the online emails between the Caners and James White (39 pfd pages) and I was shocked at the arrogancy of the Caners. I am a Baptist and disagree with James White’s form of Calvinism, but I don’t respect the attitudes of the Caners. I disagree with James White but I respect him highly. I agree with most of the Caners’ theology, but I do not respect these guys at all. And do not want to listen to them (meantime). They just do not belong to the pulpits right now. Maybe later.

    1. It appears that you might have a particular bias in this matter (i.e., a past “run-in” with Dr. West). In this case I was agreeing with the commentary (read ideas) of Dr. West. I am not sure why you think this would be the forum to make this comment.

      Oh well, thanks for stopping by and reading.

  2. …because even though I am a Biblioblogger who has spoken at last years annual SBL meeting “Dr.” Jim West does not allow me to comment on his Blog. And it’s about his honesty.


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