Identity Theft Protection… It’s a Scam Too

Have you seen those LifeLock commercials where the CEO of the company glibly displays his social security number with no fear that someone might steal his identity?  For a small monthly fee you can have the same peace-of-mind!

Apparently, Todd Davis (the smiling LifeLock salesman/CEO) has a reason to be alarmed.  According to the Phoenix New Times Davis, whose social security number is plastered all over the internet and television commercials, had his identity stolen thirteen times.  From lines of credit to cell phones, people have used the silver-tongued spokesperson’s ubiquitous personal information to “steal his identity.”  Despite LifeLock’s spin, it is clear that the company can not even protect their spokesperson from identity theft.  In fact, the Federal Trade Commission fined LifeLock $12 million for “deceptive business practices and for failing to secure sensitive customer data.”  In fact, the FTC accused LifeLock of “operating a scam and a con operation.”

There is always a con artist waiting to capitalize on the fears of the ignorant.  If is beautiful and ironic when such a con artist get’s what he deserves.

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