God AND Country

I am not trying to cause any trouble, but I am willing to ask some uncomfortable questions.  In this instance I am very thankful for the country I live in and the freedoms I enjoy.  I also realize the great sacrifice that many people have made to protect those freedoms.

That being said, I know that most pastors would be deeply opposed to adding anything to God.  I can hear a sermon on single-mindedness that has an application something like this:  “You cannot love both God AND _______________ (insert particular idol here)”… money, sports, success, comfort, etc…

Why is it okay to put “country” in that blank?  Is it okay?

6 thoughts on “God AND Country”

  1. Happy is the country whose God is the Lord!
    I could post pages on this, however, I will only ask the question, Does God love Israel, even today?

  2. To the first part I agree (though I would have some qualms on how the “Bible” uses the term nation/country with our modern usage).

    God loves Israel, that is, the true people of God. I do not believe it is Biblically tenable to say that God has any special love for the nation-state (post 1948) of Israel. In fact it baffles me when American Christians will support Jewish Zionist at the expense of Palestinian Christians. In Romans 2 Paul makes it clear that outward ethnicity and heritage is not the sign of true “Jewishness” but, rather being a true “Israelite” is by the working of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, Christian Palestinians are more Biblically the “people of God” than non-Christian Israelis.

    All-in-all, I hope people hear what I am saying in the post. I am NOT saying to kick God out of America. I am saying that as Christians we have a SINGLE devotion to God and His gospel.

  3. I would say that we are in the world, though not of the world and that we have responsibilities in all areas of living while we are here. These repsponsibilities inlcude our handling of the planet, physically, dominion over the animals in a proper fashion, obligations in our communitites, our churches, our families and that God is at the head and over all.
    I also believe that the Bible has plans yet for Israel. I was not aware that there was a great deal of support among American Christians for Jewish Zionists at the expense of Palestinian Christians. I believe that our missionaries are actively engaged with Palestinian Christians. We certainly should not be supportin Hamas, Hezbollah, or Iran in their goals for Israel — to wipe it off the map.
    We cannot separate our lives into neat little cubicles that have no relationship to the whole, nor can we show proper devotion to God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the exclusion of all other areas of live.

  4. I would say that any “responsibilities” we may have while we are on earth are without question subsumed under our obligation to direct all of our affections to God, and only God.

    Of course, someone might say, “God commands you as a husband to direct your affections to your wife, doesn’t He? So while ‘you cannot love both God and money’, certainly you can love both God and wife.” But if I’m loving God and my wife in the same way, there’s a problem. Instead of saying, “I love God and my wife,” I should say, “I love God by loving my wife.”

    This same principle can be applied to such responsibilities as proper handling of the planet, community obligations, and the other things mentioned above. If we direct all of our affections to God, and only God, then everything else will fall into its proper place.

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