Moralism or Morality? The Internet Pornography Addition

Doug Wilson wrote an interesting post on moralism and morality for a Christian internet filtration software company.  His post brings up many of the problems with building fences around sin.  Often boundaries intended to help people avoid sin actual increase someone’s desire for the “forbidden fruit” and can even engender sin by causing thoughts that are more wicked; thoughts are just as sinful as actions (e.g., Matthew 5).

Wilson encourages accountability as the preferred method of teaching and building in the process of fighting sin, whereas restriction merely leads to “public denunciations and private indulgences.”

I am of the opinion that “fleeing temptation” is the Biblical model but is not equal to “hiding from sin.”  Sometimes people merely avoid bad actions while never dealing with the inner struggle with sinful desires.  Christ has promised victory from sin for all who have faith in Him.  The result of victory is that I not only want to avoid temptation, but I also have the ability to overcome it.

One thought on “Moralism or Morality? The Internet Pornography Addition”

  1. I agree with your distinction between “fleeing from temptation” and “hiding from sin”. I see the first as an act of faith and the second as a denial. We have to be intentional about our witness and actions. This strengthens us as we experience the steadfast presence of God through the challenges we overcome through Him.

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