Watch your life and doctrine…

I came across a brief video clip of C. J. Mahaney.  He was offering advice backstage at the 2010 SBC Pastor’s conference.  His simple advice was from 1 Timothy 4:16:  “Watch your life and doctrine closely.”

I empathize deeply with C. J.’s concern.  It is much easier for me to watch my doctrine than my life.  I must be careful to pay close attention that the information I gain about God results in a life transformed to look like Christ.  The result of any knowledge about God is a life that bears much fruit for His glory.

A timely reminder.

3 thoughts on “Watch your life and doctrine…”

  1. Mark,

    I thought that was the text Marco used for your ordination charge so I pulled the file and sure enought it was. Do you remember? He charged you to pay close attention to yourself and to your teaching. Take pains in what you’re teaching. He admonished you to watch your life, pay close attention to yourself, guard your testimony, don’t spend too much time in the study to the neglect of the church and don’t neglect study through your service to the church. In closing he said, “The fruit of a godly minister’s life insures salvation both for yourself and for those who hear you.”

    Thanks for the video reminder.

    1. You are absolutely right. Thanks for the reminder of such a special day! It is always important to be reminded of this fact.

      p.s — I’ll be back in Wake Forest over the next few years as I begin studies for my Ph.D. For the fall I’ll be commuting one day a week. We should get together sometime.

  2. Sounds great Brother. When you get your schedule hammered out please let me know and we’ll make a plan.

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