Benny Hinn and Paula White…

Jim West has pointed me to a National Enquirer article which links prosperity gospel huckster and TBN pseudo-miracle working heretic (Benny Hinn) with the overtly hypocritical and unapologetic divorceé (Paula White) in a “romantic relationship.”

I’m sure you are shocked that a televangelist might behave this way (allegedly).

If this proves to be true, I agree with Jim West that their offspring would most certainly be the antichrist.

One thought on “Benny Hinn and Paula White…”

  1. Fourtunatley what’s done in the dark always comes to the light,god always reveals himself as strong to his pepole,if this is true how long did they believe they would get away with it,it shocking to think that they don’t know the god we serve,and them to that level my goodness,I can’t wait until the crack heads stop smoking and the whores stop trickin and the drug dealers get out of jail.and walk into the house of god and start preaching the word of god for real its coming r yall ready

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