Reading Recommendations

I have a lot to read for my classes this semester.  Most of it is very important and informative and some of it is very interesting.

I also try to mix in some books of interest amid my required reading.  I just got two books that look very intriguing.

I have heard a lot about Same Kind of Different as Me. Not only does it come highly recommended, the description is riveting.

Switching back and forth in short segments, two narrators portray authors Hall and Moore in memoirs that begin in distant walks of life and intersect in a homeless shelter. In the charming accent of an unschooled black man with a deep, scratchy voice, narrator Barry Scott recounts Denver Moore’s life of hardship and misfortune, starting on a Louisiana plantation. In contrast, the subtle Southern accent of Dan Butler speaks for co-author Ron Hall, an educated white gentleman of comfortable means. The narrators play their parts of the drama so well that listeners will believe they are hearing the men who lived the story. In the end, the two individuals form an unlikely friendship resulting from charity and challenged by tragedy.

I loved reading Tim Chester’s Total Church and I highly anticipate his newest work, You Can Change. Chester has a readable and interesting style.  He is able to communicate in a straightforward and clever fashion.  Because of his single-minded focus on the gospel of Jesus Christ, Chester is able to tackle many topics with the big picture in mind.  I am looking forward to reading a book about sanctification and victory over sin that focuses on Christ rather than faddish avoidance strategies.

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