Watered Down Christianity

I read this the other day on Jim West’s blog.

Christianity would be better of if it had fewer adherents rather than more.  The reason is simple—the Church is the best kind of wine until water gets added.  The more water one mixes with wine, the less wine there really is.  Water down the wine enough and before long there isn’t anything left of it but a little smell.

I often feel the same way.  Being a Christian in name only is not being a Christian at all.  I would much rather spread the gospel with those who see it as good news than those who have grown familiar with the amazing story of Jesus.  There are too many counterfeit Christians who distort the gospel yet they seem to get all the press.

One thought on “Watered Down Christianity”

  1. It’s not the “star” fake christians that worry me -it’s the everyday fake christians and therein lies the rub. Like Paul, we need to work out our salvation with fear and trembling. 99% of the time it’s not the prominent fakes that cause my co-workers or the 7-11 clerk who just sold me an overpriced coffee or the waitress who has just one too many tables (and one of them happens to be mine) or my son who is a rap fan to turn from the gospel.

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