The Remarkable Story of Josiah Vierra

When a grown man is weeping uncontrollably by himself watching ESPN on his lunch break then you know something unique is happening. Such is the situation I found myself while watching the story of Josiah Vierra. When the doctor cried, I almost lost it. Doctors aren’t supposed to cry. His life just might be a miracle. I also felt there was a lot to learn from Josiah’s understanding of heaven. What is heaven like? Jesus.

2 thoughts on “The Remarkable Story of Josiah Vierra”

  1. This was an amazing story! I watched it on ESPN the other day. It is amazing that we see heaven based on how it benefits us. When asked about what heaven is like you would think that this young man would have replied that he would be whole, that he would be able to walk, or a life without pain and suffering. But his reply was much simpler yet more profound. Heaven is Jesus!

  2. This story was awesome. My eight year old daughter was moved beyond words, and started a fundraiser for close family and friends to raise money to send Josiah money for baseball attire. She talks about him all the time. She even made a ceramic bowl with his initials, to hold the baseballs. The only trouble, is that we do not know where to send it. Josiah is a miracle here on earth, and he is an example for us all.

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