Social Networking Faux Paus

My social networking pet-peeves:

1. Anonymous, passive-aggressive posts.

“I wish someone would learn how to mind her business” (sometimes there is a “you know who you are” inserted). If you want to call someone out, use their name. If you are talking about a general subject then leave the personal pronouns out of it.

2. Misuse of the LOL phrase.

Using the phrase LOL after something does not necessarily make it funny or nice. I can’t just say, “Johnny is a selfish jerk, LOL” unless there is some inside joke or personal anecdote to which it refers.

3. A distinct online personality.

People who are witty, sarcastic, extroverted, and bold online but are dull, quiet, and passive in real-life exhibit tendencies of multiple personality disorder. Be who you are in real-life online (and vice-versa). Don’t say something on the internet you wouldn’t say to someone’s face. Sometimes I’ll catch people tweeting something in the moment that they are too afraid to say aloud. Live in reality and use social networking for what it is. Do not use social networks as a venue for your alternate personality or to substitute for reality.

Do you have any social networking pet-peeves that you want to add to this list?

5 thoughts on “Social Networking Faux Paus”

  1. Current online networking pet-peeves include: the death of grammar (omfg- c u L8r!), the annoying need to post virtual updates during reality events (like “dinner” or “parties” or (god forbid) “dates”), and posting song lyrics to describe how you’re feeling (which I may be guilty of doing myself).

  2. As far as Mark’s #3, I’m very extroverted online but very introverted in person. However, I will voice my opinion to someone either in person or online and I’ve made it a point to be consistent in that way. As far as my personal multiple personality disorder, I hope I’m not being disingenuous. I really am how I am in both ways. I can just express myself easier by typing. But I don’t use emoticons or LOLs because I’m not that way in any way, if that makes sense.

    As far as emoticons, putting more OLOLOLs onto LOL doesn’t give it more force. It’s just annoying.

    The_Observ’s second and third one. Thankfully my friends don’t use chat grammar or write in the third person.

    In addition to song lyrics, posting YouTube links to songs they like. As if everyone else should like them and spend the time to go and listen to them.

    I also don’t like people telling me what I should do. “You should… read this book (which usually means buying it)/listen to this song/listen to this sermon” etc.

    People posting items related to games they are playing. I’ve seen 6-8 posts in a row where they are collecting items or whatever in their adventure.

    Asking you to Like a page which means you’ve added another item that gets posted on your wall and you get email from.

    I could go on and on.

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