A Quick Life Update a.k.a. Why My Blogging is Less Frequent

So where have I been? Why the infrequent blogging? I suppose my lack of blogging frequency is a combination of other responsibilities, priorities, a tinge of laziness, and the ebb-and-flow of writing.

I am as busy as ever at the church. In addition, I am constantly reading and writing in my various PhD seminars. I am often worn out from reading and writing for school and have a limited amount of energy for blogging. Often I spend my “free time” just unwinding (hanging out with Whitney, playing video games, doing homework, or the like).

This blog is a creative outlet. A place where I can share my thoughts. As such I feel no pressing responsibilities to post with any given regularity. For those who read and check the blog frequently, I appreciate your patronage. I will try to post more regularly (if you have particular topics you want addressed, let me know!).

I’m thinking about developing a more regular blogging schedule (based on the example and admonition of my wife). She blogs about event and wedding planning and has a schedule of blogs (e.g., Flower Fridays, Dressy Wednesday, etc.). Any suggestions on particular topics I can write about (e.g., theology thursday, music monday, funny friday, web watch wednesday).

Thanks for reading. Give me suggestions for topics or regular series you would be interested to read.

3 thoughts on “A Quick Life Update a.k.a. Why My Blogging is Less Frequent”

  1. Mythbuster Mondays (or less ambitious, the “Monthly Mythbuster”). Choose something that the Bible is commonly (but falsely) thought to teach, promote, or condemn, and correct the misconception.

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