Blog Update

I must apologize for my blog absence. I enjoy writing but have been very busy with family, work, school, and ministry. I hope to blog more over the coming months. I’ve already jotted out a few ideas and topics about which I would like to rant.

What’ve I been up to?

First, Whitney gave birth to our firstborn, Jackson Travis Turner, on May 1. He is a beautiful and happy boy. I am amazed how fast he is growing. Every day is a new adventure in parenthood.

Second, I am hard at work with my PhD at SEBTS. This fall I will enter the mentorship phase as I finish my coursework and prepare for comprehensive exams, prospectus, and dissertation writing. All that means that I have jumped some very difficult hurdles (e.g., Theological German). I am thankful for the difficult moments in my education as they have proven useful to understanding God’s word and have taught me more about perseverance and dedication.

Third, things at NRBC here in Suffolk, VA are going great. The students at NRBC are growing enormously in their relationships with Jesus. This past year we have witnessed a number of students accept Jesus as their Savior and get baptized. In fact, we just returned from camp and I can tell that God is using them to impact their communities and families with the gospel.

Finally, I just returned from speaking at a Fuge Camps in Philadelphia for 2 weeks. This was, in many ways, a dream come true. I attended Fuge Camps as a student, worked at Fuge Camps as a staffer, and have taken my students to Fuge Camps as a Pastor. Both weeks were amazing as I served with phenomenally talented staffers, was able to preach the word to attentive students, and participate in legit ministry in the city of Philly. The Gospel was proclaimed and lives were changed. Every time God chooses to use me, I am astonished.

All this to say, life has been crazy but good. Keep an eye out for new posts on here!

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