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Why “renrutkram”?  If you haven’t figured it out, “renrutkram” is my name (Mark Turner) backwards (if it’s good enough for Oprah it’s good enough for me).  I could make some spiritually obscure point about “seeing the world from another perspective” or some cheesy tagline about “the world from a backward point of view,” but the reality is that some friends and I were bored in a high school government class and started sounding out our names backward.  My name was pronounceable and has stuck ever since.

When it comes to this “blog” I do not have a “theology of blogging.”  I have a lot of thoughts, I like to write, and I want a forum to put my creative energy to use.  I do not, as some insinuate, think that “blogging is next to godliness.”  I desire to post consistently.  However, since my justification is not by blogging, I will not apologize for the length between my posts.

Read and enjoy my “interweb” musings.  I pray you are encouraged and challenged, or at least enjoy a brief laugh.  Feel free to participate by commenting.

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