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Aaron Rodgers Photobomb

Just to settle any arguments regarding the epic awesomeness of Aaron Rodgers I had to post this picture. Not only is he a Superbowl MVP Quarterback, he is a master of the photobomb (he is “sneaking” in between 73 and 36).

If you think that this might be some sort of one-time-occasion, check out this collage of him repeatedly bombing the pre-game team captains picture. He ‘bombed almost 30 pictures! Nice!

As the teenagers and adults at my church know, I enjoy a good photobomb as well:


A Hairstyle Poll

In a discussion about JaQuan’s hairstyle I noticed a slight generational gap. Those of my general age-group thought that his hair Afro/Mohawk hairstyle was a “fro-hawk” but the teenagers seemed to think it was a “mo-fro.” What do you think?