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Vacation Stop in Savannah: Weiner Dogs and Riverfront Dining

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Whitney and I made one of the best decisions when we decided to stop in Savannah, GA on our way to Orlando, FL. As we rolled into Savannah we thought it was unusually busy for an October weekend. It didn’t take long for us to realize that we (unintentionally) were in Savannah during Oktoberfest festivities!

Our corner room had beautiful views of downtown and the riverfront!

We had an amazing time shopping in the Oktoberfest booths set up on the riverfront and browsing the other retail shops. Whitney found some great clothes at a consignment shop in the heart of the city and we both enjoyed great food at the seafood restaurants lining the riverfront.

The highlight of our stay, however, was the Annual Savannah Wiener Dawg Races. We saw an advertisement at the hotel on Friday for the Saturday morning event. We figured it was worth the 10 minute walk. On Saturday morning we approached the park where the races were held. We walked amid a sea of Dachshunds to the site of the races where we joined in the “Wiener” and “Dog” chanting (respectively). I have never seen so many Dachshunds in one place! The races were hilarious as some of the dogs frolicked aimlessly in circles.

Apart from the charm of the buildings in Savannah it was fun to be in such a creative and artsy environment. I also enjoyed how pet-friendly everything was. One day we’ll have to bring Freckles with us to Savannah! There were dogs in the restaurants and the stores (I even saw a Chocolate Labrador in Banana Republic).

ESPN, Ed Thomas, and the Power of Forgiveness

While watching the ESPY’s I was particularly moved by the story of Ed Thomas.

After watching this story I did a little more online research and found that the depths of character in the Thomas family run deep.  You can read for yourself a moving account that describes Ed Thomas as a man of sincere Christian commitment; continuing his dad’s legacy, Aaron Thomas has tried to forgive in the face of conflicting emotions and overwhelming doubt.

T-Shirt Design

While attempting to come up with an ironic, hip, appropriate t-shirt for the Nansemond River Baptist Church Student Ministry I was inspired at Busch Gardens amusement park.  I saw a number of “youth groups” running around wearing matching shirts.  I want the young adults at NRBC to have a shirt that identifies them as a part of our “group” while still being able to satirize other groups that have matchy-matchy shirts.  Here is the result.

We’d be able to order these shirts in multiple sizes and multiple colors.  Students at NRBC: answer the simple poll below so I can judge interest in this product.

The Top Three Embarrassing Moments

As I was having breakfast with a friend on Monday we randomly began talking about that awkward moment in elementary school when you call your teacher “Mom.”  We’ve all been there.  I generally like to brag that few things embarrass me.  In fact, only three moments of my life are what I consider genuine moments of embarrassment…

1.  Wearing vomit-orange tights in a performance of “Merchant of Venice” in high school.  I felt that people were just staring up my skirt tunic the entire performance.  Thankfully, the silver lining to this cloud of embarrassment was the beginning of a long and enduring friendship with Ariel Adkins.

2.  Having to kiss a classmate in a school play (I’m seated in the recliner center stage in the picture below).  You would think from this list that high school theater was the most embarrassing possible experience.  The fact is, I loved theater despite these few moments of awkwardness.  Either way, I had to kiss a classmate (red dress in the picture below).  The rehearsals were continually awkward and the performance proved even more uncomfortable with both my parents and her boyfriend (think burly, muscular football player) in the audience.

3.  The king of all embarrassment was when I shattered a glass door by inadvertently walking through it at the house of a girl on whom I had a fairly serious crush.  Needless to say, it did not help my chances with her or endear me to her father!

Painter of Red and Blue Flashing Lights

I believe one of my duties is to provide a jaded realism to our otherwise cheery existence.  To that end…

Thomas Kinkade, the self-proclaimed painter of light, was arrested on suspicion of DUI.  Both Robert Cargill and Jim West alerted me to this story and provide some amusing coments.  Mr. Kinkade will have a little bit of image rehab to accomplish if he is to continue to be the American evangelicalism’s Bob Ross.

It looks like Heaven & Earth and other Christian novelty stores will need a new go-to faux artist to produce overwhelming amounts of kitschy prints.