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Famous “Christians” and Their Famous Sins

I recently read the allegations regarding Eddie Long, Atlanta-area mega pastor.  These allegations regarding sexual immorality are saddening though not much surprises me anymore.  Long has been under investigation in the past for financial impropriety.

I am not interested in humiliating or insulting Long nor am I making a judgment regarding his innocence or guilt.  However, I recently came across a thread on Facebook regarding this topic and wanted to provide a little bit of Biblical guidance.  Read for yourself what some were saying:

I agree that we should examine ourselves and be slow to judge.  God is the ultimate judge.  However, this idea that we are NEVER to judge or never to make moral statements regarding the sin of other Christians is ridiculous (and unbiblical).  Judgment is an integral part of being a Christian and being part of a faith community.  Think about Paul, he spoke very clearly about how to deal with immorality within a church (see 1 Corinthians 5)!  We are called to judge the Christian within the church!  Furthermore, we must banish any nonsense that the “pastor” is God’s anointed and is beyond judgment.  As a pastor, I pray that my brothers and sisters (my coworkers in the gospel) will be firm in holding me accountable.

Why Would Anyone Listen to Ted Haggard?

To answer my own question — if the show is more important than the man then Ted Haggard is as good as any other preacher.

If things such as integrity, orthodoxy, or humility are important to you then you will find pastoral leadership somewhere else.

In either case, Haggard has been in the news recently after he started a new church in Colorado.  Rather than humbly attempting to repair his family and his life he has stepped back into the irresistable limelight with the help of clever marketing and a PR image-makeover.

Where is the sorrow for his hypocrisy and adultery? Well, in Mr. Haggard’s own words he “over-repented.”  That’s right he “over-repented” for preaching against homosexuality and other immoral actions all while visiting a gay-male prostitute and sharing various illegal drugs with said prostitute.

Can any of us ever “over-repent?”  If you think you can “over-repent” then you have never repented enough.

Haggard feels he is now more an “everyman” because he understands sin and cusses.  You know you are a slimeball when you give cussing a bad name.

Benny Hinn and Paula White…

Jim West has pointed me to a National Enquirer article which links prosperity gospel huckster and TBN pseudo-miracle working heretic (Benny Hinn) with the overtly hypocritical and unapologetic divorceé (Paula White) in a “romantic relationship.”

I’m sure you are shocked that a televangelist might behave this way (allegedly).

If this proves to be true, I agree with Jim West that their offspring would most certainly be the antichrist.