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Who Are the Experts?

I recently was called an “expert” by a Fox News entertainment reporter.  After my wife gently deflated my swollen ego I realized how little of an “expert” I am.  If you listen to the news you will hear various “experts” debating issues on every side.

To be fair, there are certain people who are more or less qualified to speak on various subjects.  We need experts to understand and examine complicated issues regarding politics, science, economics, and so forth.  That being said, no “expert,” regardless of education and intelligence, can provide completely unbiased or objective advice.  Everybody has a worldview, presuppositions, and personal experiences that influence the way they view certain situations.

Multiple “experts” have looked at the raw data regarding global warming and have come to variant conclusions.  The same can be said of spanking your children (of which the American Academy of Pediatricians and the American College of Pediatricians disagree).

Listen to experts when talking about relevant data, but come to your own well-informed conclusions.  Further, realize that the only “objective” worldview is found in the Scriptures;  even Biblical interpretation, however, is influenced by one’s biases and presuppositions.

All-in-all, don’t be enamored by the experts.  Listen to the data they present and come to your own conclusions.