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ESPN, Ed Thomas, and the Power of Forgiveness

While watching the ESPY’s I was particularly moved by the story of Ed Thomas.

After watching this story I did a little more online research and found that the depths of character in the Thomas family run deep.  You can read for yourself a moving account that describes Ed Thomas as a man of sincere Christian commitment; continuing his dad’s legacy, Aaron Thomas has tried to forgive in the face of conflicting emotions and overwhelming doubt.

Is forgiveness really once for all?

I have been comparing the idea of Jesus’ forgiveness of  sins being sufficient for all time (a la Hebrews 10) and the insistence by many of continually confessing sin (a la 1 John 1:9).  In my cursory reading of 1 John it appears that such a confession is a mere agreement that one is guilty before rather than  a continual appropriation of forgiveness.  Forgiveness is a one time act accomplished solely by God (1 John 2:12).

My initial conclusion: confession of sin is a realization of one’s condition and God’s salvation.  God does the saving, confession is a natural result (not a prerequisite or ongoing requirement).  I am not sure if this is all a part of evangelicalism’s “Catholic hangover” or just a failure to fully trust in the grace alone, faith alone message of the gospel.

I wonder how my actions would change if I really lived in the guilt free, once-for-all forgiveness of Jesus?