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My entire life I have heard the incongruous phrase “Judeo-Christian.”  People talk about Judeo-Christian ethics, values, political views, etc…

I would like to propose a banishment to this phrase.  Obviously there is some overlap between modern-day Judaism and contemporary Christianity.  However, there is no Biblical basis for the distinction and reunion of Judaism and Christianity.

First, Christianity is a term applied to Christ-followers by non-believers.  Second, Jesus (and Paul, for that matter) saw themselves as completely within the Biblical (read: Israelite) tradition.  Gentiles are actually joined to the promises of God which He made to the Israelites.  Paul also makes it clear that ethnicity is not the determination of genuine ‘Jewishness.’  The Biblical definition of Jewishness (according to the Hebrew Prophets and the New Testament Apostles) involves consecration by the Spirit of God (i.e., spiritual circumcision).

Back to my main point: Scriptures (Hebrew and Greek… and Aramaic) are clear that ethnicity, tradition, and morality are not the basis of one’s relationship to God.  God relates to all people on the basis of their faith in Him.  The term “Judeo-Christian” is confusing because it strips the gospel (i.e., the saving work of Jesus) from behavior.  “Judeo-Christian” outreach relates on the lowest common denominator of behavior.  I believe Christians should work for the good of all people, but ‘good’ behavior will not get me closer to God but is (rather) a demonstration of the grace that God has show toward me in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus.