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Facebook, Causes, and Misplaced Guilt

I want to make sure people understand that “copying and pasting” a canned Facebook status is not really supporting a cause.

Have you seen these?  “Paste this message in your status if you love your husband.”  How about you tell him you love him.  Even better, how about you demonstrate that you love him.

A Facebook status is a poor substitute for actually fighting for a cause.  You are not fighting autism by posting a Facebook status.  It is much like buying a Livestrong® bracelet for $1 and thinking that you are fighting cancer.  Buying a Livestrong® bracelet is, arguably, a good thing and it is a way to support the fight against cancer; however, a $1 donation does not make you a part of a “cause.”

I think people want to assuage their guilt by identifying themselves with a cause without actually making any sacrifice to fix a problem or bring about a solution.

This is the way Christians often are.  They want to identify themselves with Christ and get the benefits of Christianity without obeying Jesus’ call to sacrifice.