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Relevant Magazine

I mentioned “Relevant Magazine” in the previous blog post and figured I’d officially give them an unofficial public recommendation.  I have been subscribing to Relevant for more than a year now (you can read the mag online for free).  I have been consistently impressed by the content and presentation.  The magazine is often hilarious, usually objective (sometimes low on discernment), and deeply connected with contemporary culture.  Where else can you find articles by John Piper and Rob Bell or Brian MacLaren and Mark Driscoll?  Who else offers their thoughts on social justice and premarital sex or the merits of Hip-Hop Judaism or the resurgence of midwestern, basement manufactured synth pop?  Exactly.  You need some Relevant Magazine in your life!

Anyone interested in “progressive culture” and the views of many young evangelicals would do well to subscribe to this magazine.  I promise, you will be “cooler” for it.  Further, their website is very impressive with interactive content, streaming music, and a hilarious (occasionally insightful) news “slice” feed.  I think my favorite supplement to the bi-monthly magazine publication is the weekly free podcast.  The podcast is like listening to a group of friends engaging in random conversation (e.g., punching whalesharks, the impending chimpocalypse, etc.).  The podcast also features insightful interviews with Christian personalities, artists, and musicians as well as hilarious listener games and a guide to new music and movie releases.  Give it a try!